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All about paint products, color selection, and painting. Click on a link to browse to an area of interest.     
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Fuller O'Brien Paint® - Fuller-O'Brien has a long tradition of quality coatings that dates back to 1875. Since the introduction of the famous Liquid Velvet® paint line back in 1906, Fuller-O'Brien has occupied a leadership role in the paint and coatings business.

Manufacturers Online

Consumers Reports Online / Home - fee-based subscription access to brand-name ratings and evaluations.
Interior Paint (Latex, Acrylic, Specialty, etc.)
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Treatments (primers, texturing, faux supplies, application tools)
Wall Borders - laser cut, self-adhesive decorative borders
William Zinsser & Co., Inc. - leading national manufacturer of Primer-Sealers, Shellac and Specialty Decorating Products.
Polyvine finishing effects - acrylic decorative specialty paint finishes including acrylic metal finsihes, crackle glazes, glass frosting varnish, finishing pearl, release wax, and stencil base
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Interior Paint (Latex, Acrylic, Specialty, etc.)
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Treatments (texturing, faux supplies, application tools)
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Information (Support pages = General  |   Color Themes & Schemes  |   Safety )


A room may need to be painted for several reasons including cracked paint, remodeling, dingy walls, new resident, design color change, patching holes.

About Interior Paint
There are several types of interior paints. Typically paints fall into two broad categories: water-based and oil-based. Of these main classifications, the 'body' of the paint may be latex (a type of rubber), oil, polyurethane, varnish, lacquer, or specialty paint.

Overview of painting a room:

  1. Decide if special effects are desired
  2. Decide where, when and who should paint
  3. Select, preview and print paint color choices shown in a living room using Design a Room
  4. Selecting a paint manufacturer
  5. Tools & resources needed / purchase
  6. Room / area preparation
  7. Apply paint / texture by number of coats
  8. Clean up, touch up

Click here for a detailed article about how to paint the inside of your home.

Common paint types for specific applications:
Latex, water-based Must be pre-primed or painted on previous water-based latex. Easy soap and warm water cleanup, quick drying and relatively low odors.
Latex, oil-based Should be pre-primed or painted on previous acrylic, water-based, or oil-based latex. Clean up with mineral spirits, longer drying time with relatively high odors.
Acrylics Generally used as a base or primer. Can be used as base coat on materials that water-based latex won't adhere to like drywall or lathe and plaster.
Primers Specialty primers for use on non-porous materials.

A new layer of paint over properly treated filler to hide holes and dents will improve the perception and value of the home. A new coat of paint gives new life to the room. It reinforces cleanliness and may make the room look more organized. Splashing color to an otherwise drab room may give it new-found life or help to create a cohesion of design.

Visit our general link for additional information about paint, paint types and applications.


Tune the Room
Color is a subtle yet fundamental design element. When used properly it changes the room from a space to an experience. Color and harmony enhance the aesthetics and provide cohesion of design.

When comparing paint colors, dab wet paint on a neutral gray card. After 24 hours, the paint should be completely dry and ready for comparing to other colors. If comparing to an existing wall or other item, cut off the gray area around the new sample because it will affect color judgment. Most paint companies provide a swatch book for cutting samples from.

Additional Info
(for mfg & reseller links see above)
Color themes, schemes and theory - the color of a room can affect the attitude of its occupant. Picking color schemes which set the tone or mood for a room will help transform a dull room with no synergy into a work of art.

See My Design - select and see your own wall and trim paint colors online in a living room, combined with real wall paper, furniture and flooring (no plug-ins required).
Benjamin Moore & Co. - colors by room and popular combinations, style and design Fuller Paint, Decorating Station - World of Color (psychology and moods of color)
Historic Paint Consulting by Robert Schweitzer - paint color consulting for historic, contemporary, new construction, commercial, residential and museums

Give the room a painterly effect
A room design can end up feeling sterile or clinical. To counteract this and achieve a warm, earthy and painterly feeling, try applying a decorative effect to the walls or ceiling. Texturizing may involve relief design by sculpting a plaster sub-layer to paint on or painting over a specialty coat that will crack or wrinkle. This will help to catch shadows and highlights of the room which create a feeling of depth, but is not very subtle. If not done properly, this can be a costly mistake that is hard to clean up. One way around this is to paint over pretextured wall paper.

Decorative painting is altering the application pattern of the paint itself. Faux painting is an example of decorative painting. This can be accomplished by splotching with rag, sponge, decorative roller or other device to create a random pattern of color. The undercoating can be the secondary color while the pattern itself can be done in the primary color. Painting a border around the room can tie decorative elements together, giving the room an old cottage look.

Additional info
(for mfg & reseller links see above)
Better Homes and Gardens® Home Improvement Encyclopedia - decorative painting guide featuring beginning, intermediate, and advanced techniques and tips
The Faux Factory - by Home and Garden Television, articles on faux painting
Faux Like a Pro - the internet's Premier Faux Finish web site
Jones Paint and Glass - marbling and faux painting techniques & example images - instructional videos and resources for painting and decorative wall painting

Most interior paint, stain and stripper fumes can be flammable and hazardous to health. Read the labels of all products to be used and take special mental notes about what to do in case of an emergency. Always open several windows to provide better-than-adequate ventilation when painting, paint stripping, staining or cleaning up. NEVER paint or use solvent-based paints, strippers, stains, caulking or clean-up supplies near an open flame or pilot light, including furnace, and water heater. When working with solvent-based materials it is best to wear a respirator (type of clean air mask) which will be available at major paint stores. Do not sleep in a freshly painted dwelling for two days if at all possible.

When sanding, wear a proper mask to prevent dust particles from entering the lungs, and if possible, use a power sander with a sawdust collection bag. Finally, have a list of emergency numbers handy near the phone.

Additional info
Safety - additional detailed articles about paint-related safety.

See My Design - design online and see your own living room by selecting wall and trim paint colors, combined with real wall paper, furniture and flooring (no plug-ins required).
American Institute of Architects (AIA)
American Painting Contractor (APC)
Architect's First Source
ARCAT (Architect's Catalog)
Benjamin Moore & Co. - excellent paint selector for appropriate application
Benjamin Moore & Co. - how to paint the inside of your home guide
Better Homes and Gardens® Home Improvement Encyclopedia - design trends, style quiz, and decorative painting
Fuller Paint, Decorating Station - project planner, World of Color (moods), Trends
HomeTown Paint and Decorating - how to prepare for and paint interiors
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Painting and Decorating Contractors of America (PDCA)
True Value Paint Shop - indoor, outdoor, painting 101: brushing up on basics - interior painting, wall papering, trends and tips

Tools (Support pages = Tools & resources needed / purchase )

Decide which tools and resources you have, can borrow, or need to buy using our Tools & resources needed / purchase worksheet. Print it out to get started with your next painting project.


Color impacts inhabitants psychologically and is fundamental to the emotion of the interior design. This child's room maximizes bright, sunny optimism with yellow paint. Click on the picture for additional information.
Jones Paint and Glass - marbling and faux example images
Jones Paint and Glass - wallpaper pitfalls and hints
Faux Like a Pro - the internet's Premier Faux Finish web site
Ace Paint - ideas, tips, estimator, decorating techniques - interior painting, wallpapering, trends and tips

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