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Combining patterns
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Fabric pattern examples

Pattern / example1

Many aspects of this example illustrate cohesive pattern use.
These include:

  • Southwest style of all patterns
  • Anasazi decorative motif in each pattern
  • Strong colors that are the same
  • Patterns being of different expressions (blanket, painting, floor rug, and even the staircasing
  • Elements that do not interfere with patterns like the chair and walls

Notice the reds and yellows from the pepper plant. These support the patterns and tie the centerpiece to the patterns. Architectural accents of the same style as the patterns or motifs help to convey a feeling of completeness as shown by the staircasing. In a traditional room setting, an ornate molding or mantle might tie decorative floral upholstery to the room. Finding the right accents to complete a pattern scheme might take years. This gentle refinement is what interior designers are trained to look for and create. There are source books for just such tasks. An excellent book intended for the interior design field is the Style Sourcebook by Judith Miller. Visit for additional books about patterns and interior design.

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