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Site Map - Find design styles, home decorating examples, help choosing paint color and other interior design resources.

 Step1.  SEE PAINT
Create a photo-quality Living Room in seconds. Preview Paint Colors & Faux!
Click to preview 12 million paint color combinations, 3 finishes and 3 faux textures in as little as 1 second.

 Step2.   LAYOUT
Room and Workspace Planning
Save, print and send your layout to someone else to edit or approve.
Layout your room now!
 Step3.   PLAN
Design Room Planner - its easy
Email yourself or client a text file to be edited during the project. It will calculate paint cans needed in gallons or liters, help you write the design statement for the room and much more.

Interior Design and Decorating Online

Our goal is to help you explore design and decorating ideas online. Featuring interactive design tools since 1998 such as SeeMyDesign Preview, Layout, Planner and Insparia™, our latest fully 3D design software. All supported by information about design styles, principles and elements, painting and color theory, room elements and design examples. We hope you enjoy your stay.
Welcome to
Save time and get more done with our newest interior design tool - Insparia™.
Start exploring your dream kitchen, dining or living room in 3D right now!
 Insparia™ (unlicensed) - FREE  Buy a License - $14.95 for 1 year
 Open Scenes from Full Version
 Apply 1,500 new paints!
 Simple RGB paint picker
 Fly Through Examples:
  13 Kitchens, 9 Living Rooms
  1 Home Theater
 Modify examples, Create, Save and Email
  Build a custom Kitchen in 5 seconds
  Full design freedom (add any item)
  Export eps blueprints and renderings
  32 woods, 20 granites, 8 counter edges
  14 floors, 34 fabrics, 24 rugs, 7 lamps
Requirements:     Mac / Win / Linux   -   Java 6   -   2 GHz CPU   -   2 GB RAM

2D Layout: Baby Room Layout, Bedroom Layout, Home Office Layout
Save time, effort and prevent hassle by arranging your room virtually first. Move, scale, rotate, colorize, layer, save and email your Layout to a client for editing or approval. Baby Room, Bedroom and Office Layouts are now Free!

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Baby Room Layout Baby Room Layout      Bedroom Layout Bedroom Layout      Home Office Layout Home Office Layout  
Floored by the Possibilities?
Tile FloorVisit our flooring page for comparisons by cost, care, construction and comfort.

Colorize Your World
Purple MistHaving trouble finding a great color palette? Discover our color themes, schemes and theory or try SeeMyDesign Preview to see two paint colors together in a room with actual paint names.

Illuminating Ideas
Lighting fixtures, bulb types and how they relate to a well lit room.

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